This is one of my favorite artist’s website. He shares tips for begining and advanced artists.

This is where I buy most of my suplies from.

This is another one of my favorite artist’s website. He has various inspirational works of art.

my inspirations

My first real inspiration was an artist known as “sadik1”. he had many videos on youtube that I watched and learned a lot about graffiti. another artist that has inspired me is “sheva” who also has many videos on youtube that i learned from and based my style on. my current favorite artist is “does” who is part of the ironlak team, a group of very famous artists all of witch i look up to.

My verry first graffiti piece.

My verry first graffiti piece.

how i do my graffiti and what i use

As far as spray paint goes the only brands i’ve used are ironlak, mtn 94 and colorplace. I use any markers i can get my hands on but the main ones i use are prisma color, micron, and bic markits. I always start my pieces with a basic single line pencil sketch to figure out where my letters are supposed to be on the paper and what shape it’s going to be. This takes a relatively short time and doesn’t require much thought. Next I add shape and the sketch making it 2d and add anything extra like arrows and shapes. After that I ink in the outline with a fine black marker. Once the outline is done i do a pencil sketch of how i want my colors to look. Then i pick out the colors i want and fill it in and add any extra details and a background. Finally i sign and date the piece.